Our Vision, Ethos and Values

Our Vision 

(Where we want to be) 

Spring Hill School is at the heart of our community and everything we do is based around the needs of our children and their families. We provide children with the best possible education through an irresistible, ambitious curriculum, high quality teaching including opportunities and experiences which together promote excellence in both behaviour and learning.    

The school environment is one where children thrive academically and it effectively equips them with the necessary life skills, attributes, knowledge and understanding they need for an ever-changing world in which they contribute successfully to society.  

Our Mission 

(What we are doing to get there) 

Spring Hill instils a passion for learning for the whole school family through enquiring minds and caring hearts to achieve personal excellence. We find opportunities to continually improve for the future in a caring and inclusive environment which promotes co-operative, respectful and nurturing relationships, where all school life is safe and fun. 

Our Aims 

(What we want to provide for everyone in our family) 

  • To foster mutually beneficial relationships with parents, the wider community and professionals with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • To promote and develop life-long habits for a healthy body and healthy mind.
  • To provide a curriculum that is relevant to the context of the school and its community
  • To raise aspirations through high expectations and fostering self-belief so that children flourish and lead successful and happy lives.
  • To create an environment which recognises and nurtures unique gifts, curious minds, develops talents and personalities.  
  • To provide learning experiences and opportunities which create awe and wonder and develop a love of learning – leading to lifelong learners
  • To create leaders of learning across the school family, who take risks, thrive on challenge, and bounce back.  
  • To provide a safe and secure environment where everyone is valued, respected, and accepted.  
  • To develop citizens of the future who positively contribute to society, serving their community and beyond. 

Our Values 

(What is really important to us)  

Responsibility Aspirational Inclusivity Service Empowerment