Green Team

Job Title:

Green Team 

Suitable for:

Reception to Year 6


Position Overview:

As a Green Team Member, your job is to help make our school more environmentally friendly. You will work with other team members to come up with ideas and take action to protect our planet.

Key Responsibilities:

·      Attend meetings and share your ideas on how we can make our school greener.

·      Help organize recycling programs and encourage others to recycle.

·      Find ways to save energy, like turning off lights when not needed.

·      Teach others about the importance of taking care of the environment.

·      Talk to our school leaders about making eco-friendly changes.


Must be:

·      You should care about the environment and want to make a difference.

·      It's important to be a good listener and work well with others.

·      You don't need to know everything about being green, but it helps to be curious and willing to learn